Why The Invitation Card Is Important

When you are inviting someone, it means you are giving them the honour to be a part of your happiness or your event because nobody would like to go in someone’s function without invitation and invitation card is the ethical way to invite someone. Let suppose, your one the colleague who is your friend as well is getting married and you just know that date as he shared with you but he did not invite you would you like to go in the wedding? No, because without an invitation to attending someone’s wedding is not the right way especially wedding because the wedding is one the intimate occasion of someone’s life where only people go who got their wedding invites. If you are getting married and if you want to invite your friends or colleagues, make sure you invite them and give respect because wedding invites are important. If you are looking for a finest wedding invites you can visit this page in such details.

Honour your guest

If you are inviting anyone at your place or any of your big occasion you have to give the respect to the people whom you are inviting because you ask them to come and honouring guest is one the best gesture one could do and if you send them proper invitation card for your event it means you giving them respect. For example, you are getting engaged to the person whom you love the most and you held the ceremony and you have to invite the people for that you need to print the ideal engagement party invites cards so you can go invite the people by giving them invitation card so they can be part of your engagement it means you are honouring them to be the part of your big day.

Ethical way

Nobody would attend any of the function without invitation and this is the ethical way as well because if you go into someone’s function without invitation it doesn’t look nice and it is more like you are unwanted and unnecessary guest of the event so never do this mistake and only attend those functions in which you are invited officially.

Best reminder

Most of the time people forget the dates of the events which is the normal thing but if you send them invitation card which they keep with them so there are fewer chances they miss your event invitation cards are the best reminder.


The invitation is important because you can keep the old trend alive in the era of technology, many companies make the wedding invites cards and other types of the card but Life is Peachy is one the best companies of Australia who makes every type of cards according to your choice.

Let Us Laugh And Laugh As Much As We Want!

Make someone laugh within an organic way is an art. In this fast-moving world, every person is depressed due to any reason and if someone cracked a lame joke so it may feel someone weirder.  For spreading a smile on the faces of Australian, Trivia Company is arranging events in different parts of Australia. One and a unique thing of this Trivia Company is that they hire a comedian who is professionally trained and know the tactics that make people laugh.

This trivia night starts with a perfect host that know how to engage people in this event and make them curious for the next step of the event. That is quiz night in there is 5 rounds for audience in which people gain knowledge in first round, in second round audience can make money in this round, the third one is music round, in fourth round that is a picture round and fifth and most exciting round is funny and challenging questions round the questions that are written by professional comedians. The comedians for hire this round is highly skilled in their work.

What we can do?

• A comedy of Trivia Company, people laugh continuously.

• People will never feel boredom in the whole event

• Quiz night is full of exciting games and challenges.

• We never degrade anyone or never disrespect by our comedy.

• In the general knowledge round, you will learn to allot in a quit simple and ever memorizing way.

Cooperative event:

Trivia Company always welcomes cooperative events. And always accept the priorities of people if someone wants to arrange a 1-hour event or if someone wants to arrange a 3 hours event.  We will provide you with a complete package of laughter in your given time. No matter what is the number of audiences will present in an event we will ensure you our hire comedian always make you laugh.

Comedians for hire:

It’s up to your will that which host or comedian you want to hire for your company quiz night. Fortunately, we have the biggest names of the comedian from all over Australia to make your quiz night colourful and never forgettable.

Trivia night is just a competitive, for fun and an informal night that just breaks a battle between people to check which team means trivia have more knowledge about things.

It is mostly organized just as a party, event or pub entertainment. If you feel that life is gone serious with you or if you don’t have any enjoyment in your work, or if you want to make your employee active with a funny dose then you should contact us and we feel pleasure to have a talk with you which kind of comedy and comedians you wants to hire Trivia company and its staff is all time ready to help with open heart any answer every query with a satisfying answer, they feel pleasure to meet you.