The Process Of Cornice Installation

Are you in that stage of life where you want to bring some changes in your house? Or do you have no money left to pay the wages for cornice installation? If so, then there is no need to worry as we are here to help you in regards to the installation of cornice. However, we are going to tell some things about cornice to the people who are not well aware with the term. In addition to that we will also be guiding you through about the products that are needed for cornice installations. Lastly, if you are still hopeless in installing cornice then we are going to tell you about the place that provides the best services of cornice installation and that too in reasonable rates. So, it will not be incorrect to say that this article is going to be about cornice installation. 


Everybody is well aware with the fact that construction is not an easy process as it requires lot of men power and many different kinds of products. After building the grey structure of the house, it is up to the demand of the client that what kind of an interior does he wants. If he wants to make his interior look attractive and aesthetic then the installation of cornice is definitely the choice to opt for. Cornice is the kind of a moulding or ornament (mostly made up of plaster) that is constructed just below the ceiling and is firmly attached to it. It gets curved at the corner of the ceiling or the place where the ceiling meets the wall. We get to see cornice installed in every such house whose house members have an aesthetic sense and are interested in making the interior of the house attractive. 

The process of cornice installation: 

Even though there are special services that are provided by the companies to install cornice but we are here to help you with some of the basics with which you can install cornice by yourself. First thing that you are going to need is obviously the products that are utilized in the installation of cornice, these products include measuring tape, cornice, saw, knife and precautionary products like gloves, mask, etc. After buying all the useful products what you need to do is to measure the ceiling and mark the points where cornice has to be installed. Then the next step is making cornice mixture by adding water or glue and finally positioning it on the places where you have marked the points earlier.  


Cornice can be defined as the moulding that is installed right below the ceiling and it has to be perfectly curved around the corners of the ceiling. It adds a great touch to the interior of a house. We have discussed about the products that are needed in cornice installation. In addition to that we have also summarized the process of installing cornice. However, if you are still in the need of help for cornice installation then “Vitale and sons plaster products” is the right place for you. cornice-installation