Things To Know About Knock Down Rebuild

House is a haven to everyone. But their care is the situation that now your house has grown old, maybe you are the third or fourth generation in the same house. Or might be due to weather effects, the condition of your house is deteriorating to the level that it can’t be repaired more. Then it is the time to take the decision, that you need to move out of the house to get the new one. But that doesn’t seem to be an easy decision. Because might be you love your neighbourhood and as you have been living all your life here, your only friends are here. You don’t have enough money to buy new land and then construct house over it.

At such a situation, the only solution left for you is to knock down rebuild the old building and construct a new one. This is a wise decision in terms of many factors;

• You will be able to live within the same community with a new house

• Getting new home builders and designed house in your old neighbourhood

• Might be able to extend the number of rooms in the house, with new construction, to adjust the bigger family

• Increasing the value of the property by constructing a house in an old populated area

There are a few things that everyone needs to go through before kicking off the knock-down project;

Home design: Now if you have decided to knock down your old house then it’s time to select a new home design. While selecting a new home design, consider all the factors like size, rooms, family size etc. It is better to hire a consultant for home design if you can afford

Hiring Consultant: This is the time where you can hire the consultant who can evaluate the home design, also conduct the land survey. This will help you to know which type of construction will be workable for your land. These services can be given by knockdown contractor or you can hire a 3rd party to have independent feedback.

Finding Contractor: This is the most important step. Check your referral and also the latest project completed in your surroundings. Evaluate different projects of multiple contractors. Meet them in person to assess their professionalism. Ask a question to get the clarity that how they will be handling a project of yours. After shortlisting, share the complete detail with contractors to get the estimated budget for your project. 

Analyse and Negotiate: Analyse the proposals and never hesitate to negotiate. This will help you to get better prices and also you will be more aware that how your project will be handled.

Sign the contract: Always have a contract with the contractor. The contract should be clear about the duties and obligation of both parties. It is better to get legal advice before signing the contract. Because the contractor usually has standard contracts for all clients, it’s no harm to get some 3rd party opinion before signing.

After contract signing and building permit, the demolition of your house will start and you will be on way, to get a new house.